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Morning is the Best for wellbeing

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Yes its Monday and we are officially in week 3 of the new year!

So how is it going so far with your new year resolution and what is that you decided to do? Whatever it is, If you can go past the 3rd week I bet you can do it all the way.

A lot of people give up at week 3, because that’s when the steam runs out, but I beg you to stay focused! It takes a lot of self-discipline and motivation on your part to shut down that voice inside, telling you another day especially if your resolution is to get fir, for what ever reasons. You now what, just get up and do it! Just have the I can attitude!

This reminds me of my morning meditation and exercises routine. Why does it have to be in the morning though, well for me its the best time of the day. Before the chattering and the cluttering of the mind, when my body is feeling light before filling it up with all sorts, morning times are also good for my wellbeing because they provide me with soul food, yes that meditation, de-cluttering the mind, increasing and improving my focus. Putting me on a straight and narrow. Those stretches helps relieve tension that would have build up the previous day so that it doesn’t spill and spoil my new fresh day, that jogging in the park does it for me whilst burning calories , I also appreciate the fresh air and the beauty of nature even where there are no trees , rivers etc, but that outdoor touch! I can lament forever

Working out first thing in the morning is an excellent way to boost metabolism. Increased metabolism means higher calorie burning. The beauty is you continue to burn calories even after you finish your workout. So when you are walking around all day, the results from that will definitely add up. On the other hand, by working out later in the day, you continue to burn calories during your sleep. Unless you tend to walk around a lot in your sleep, you are fairly sedentary, meaning fewer calories are burned. By working out first thing in the morning, you burn calories while you are actually active, and it helps starting your day on the positive, and helps sleep better at night.

I would love to hear from you though, do you agree that morning workout is the best for your wellbeing?

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World Of DetoxMorning is the Best for wellbeing

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